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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live"

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Description: Cloudy with Scattered Thunder Storms
Temperature: Moderate
High: 59°F (15°C)
Low: 47°F (8°C)

The Premise - Story

           The Story of Malice is a deep dive of uncertain history and an even more uncertain future. The characters are born fully grown and physically do not age. Instead, they magically adapt and mutate due to the magical nature of their creation. In the citadel of Malice, the people have congregated and organized a form of government, where they had a custom society and reached a bronze age within their history. With Religious zealots and threats of civil war always on the rise, the people struggle to keep a delicate balance. Sometimes this balance falters, and the leader of their world is killed, but other times with great effort and resolve from the citizens of Malice this balance is maintained.

           War and the wrath of the gods isn't the only thing to fear in Malice, outside of the protective citadel walls, lives Nox the great dragon, and outside of him exist beast of different shapes, sizes, and threats who only wish to dethrone him by killing and eating as many people as he does. To avoid his wrath, the people of Malice provide a tribute to the dragon each season, and in exchange, the citadel is spared. The neighboring villages, however, spend each night with one eye opened as between the dragon, the other beast and monsters, and the bandits and tribes that seek power and glory. There is always some new danger to prep for, always some new risk that one takes by living in Malice.

           Which begs the question, If all magic has a source where do we come from? Why do choose to believe in gods we have never seen? The Cycle of Malice states we come from a divine being we only know as Mother, or The Mother of all, who orphaned us right before our first breath. We all share one memory of her, a shrouded figure telling us to "Live"


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Malice as a Place

            Malice is a flat planet, one that floats aimlessly in the aether. Many of those who have flown out to the world's end have never returned. Rumors were that beings such as ourselves touching the aetherial plane cease to exist as ourselves. They return to the primordial forces that we originate from. The world ending falls are such a forbidden place, that many don’t even put it on maps. On the surface of the land however with the various different locations, temperatures, climates one often has to refer to a map to figure out where they are exactly, often times using the stars and rivers to guide them when all else fails. Which one would need to obtain from a map maker if possible.  

            The people of Malice depend on a trade of services and goods, each individual things worth being determined by those who want them or those who possess them. Trade is the only way to obtain the things you want, but can’t create yourself. It is for this reason that the citadel had built a deep and in depth Athenaeum Vault, which holds all of the records, and possessions of the people in Malice both inside and outside of the citadel. Which is heavily guarded by sentinels of the Sovereign, who is the Emperor of Malice.

            Malice has a somewhat Religious government, only one kind of person is allowed to rule, and that person must be vetted as a possessor of Mother’s Blessing, if the current Sovereign dies, the search for a new successor begins, or in an attempt to change things war breaks out, which was the result of the 8th Era Sovereign’s death. The Sovereign has a cabinet of advisors that are chosen by popular nomination by the people, none of these positions being permanent and all of its members being typically easily replaced, how effective the replacements are however is another question entirely, but those who increase efficiency and advances are typically allowed to stay.

            The Levels of technology in Malice increased substantially over the past 7 eras, starting with sticks and stones, the first most notable invention coming from the 4th Era, liquid soap and public bath tubs were used everywhere and became an extremely lucrative business. After this came The 5th Era’s water and windmill designs. Which allowed for quicker production, and saw the villages thriving due to separate dependencies on different strands and branches of the Halcyon river. The 7th era redefined heat and fire, and brought us into our bronze age, bringing with it a system of aqueducts to deliver water into the now tall standing walls of the citadel. The use of plate armor went from something only protectors used to be a common item found in someone’s vault. Chimneys stood on every roof, and each night by the fires in the comfort of their homes the men and women of Malice were merry and drunk thanks to the invention of the wine press.

            The Civil War, however, put an end to this progressive upward movement, and for an entire era, there was only death, fury, famine, and poverty. Progress was impossible with zealots claiming that inventors were the children of Tivere or wild destroyers of men. With the invention of cannons and the discovery of gunpowder the propaganda saw many leaders discriminating against such people, and hindering the flow of knowledge to prevent any side of the war from gaining an advantage over another.

Malice & her People

“I still don't know who I am or why I was born”  -

A Son of Mother

Estorica takes place on a planet/realm that is full of life, experiences, and challenges. We as the characters find ourselves breathing, our skin itches and burns, a flood of thoughts, feelings, and sensations take over your body suddenly and abruptly. Your lungs breathe air for the first time, and you feel the blood in your veins moving as your heart pumps. You feel your body temperature rising as if you just came back from the dead, and have been dead for a very long time. Your eyes were dry, but as you adjust they soon become moist as your vision becomes less blurry you notice you can hear water, you hear animals in the distance. Birds chirp, and beast roar in the distance, as a flock of birds flee rushing in and past your direction. Your body is paralyzed for a moment as you haven’t gone through all of the burst of thoughts and instincts that are now becoming apparent to you but then for some reason or another, you push yourself up off the ground to get a feel for your surroundings. You are naked, the weather may or may not be favorable at the time but the roar in the distance grows louder and closer, and your instincts tell you that you need to get away. It starts off as a movement so sloppy, that one wouldn’t call it crawling, but flailing out of harm's way. Slowly but surely, it becomes a crawl, then a walk, and then you are now running, widening the space between you and whatever scared those birds. You feel light-headed, dizzy even, as you have exerted all of this energy and of course, your stomach is empty, you are extremely thirsty, and you now realize that not only do you need to avoid death, but you need to avoid of hunger and thirst… otherwise, you are essentially inviting death. You are not without gifts though… Through your battles with a beast that may kill you and your search for the materials needed to survive you possess something magical about you… “Mother’s Grace”

“Within this fear and need to survive A kingdom went to war with itself for fifty years, but have now reached the end of a timeless conflict, which has risen time and time again. Fear still strangles Mother’s children. The only means of combating this fear is the only means ever known. You combat fear with knowledge, you either know empathy or you know true fear. You choose your weapon of the two and survive.”  -

A Daughter of Mother

You reside on a Planet that you don’t know anything about, but others have been here before you and have left hints, gifts, and means of survival for you to learn from. Some even provide theories on your origins. We are all children of someone called Mother, we were created, and then abandoned or blessed with freedom depending on who you are. With each person that mother created came something different to shape the world, and something different for the world to develop. As we move through the day to day survival, we quickly adapt to our surroundings, become more proficient in surviving the environments we find ourselves in. We are a new breed of intelligence a breath of fresh air as we move through the lands. Eventually, communication is discovered, and languages are either created or instinctively learned, as groups form among the more civilized. Strength is gained in numbers, and foundations around the strong, wise, and fortunate bring more and more hands to stand in their collective right fortune creating a society. Villages are formed, followed by a city, and then eventually with so many people in one place comes a government and with that comes power and influence over groups. Over time these groups can live in harmony, but more often than not, these groups will know war.

The Malice Calendar
Malice Time Flow Explained - By A Scholar of Malice
Era 8/Year 253/Fall/Day 107

Scholar Note:
Time in Malice is determined by the Stars, Sun, Moon, and weather. The stars specify the month and season as these coincide with one another. The Sun determines the time of day in conjunction with the moon. The weather determines which phases of the season we are in currently. The last concept of time is Era which is defined by the Era of a year's given blessed child; this is not limited in how long they last and for Eras 1 through 6 the time is a best guess scenario regarding the total amount of years within those Eras.

To break it down even further, Time can be broken down into the following: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Years, Cycles, and lastly Eras. In total there are eight months, each named after a god created by the god known as Algorith.

  • Spring
  • Sprum
  • Summer
  • Sull
  • Fall
  • Fain
  • Winter
  • Writger
In that order.

A new month is officially started on the night of Algorith also known as the night of a new moon. The day and night of a new moon is considered Algorith’s Day. He created all of the gods, and thus all of the seasons. Those who are born on Algorith’s day are thought to be the cusp of the seasons they were born between. Some Scholars believe that because of this the children born with Algorith’s divine energy are of a higher quality and crop than others. Those with exceptionally high affinity born under Algorith typically have white irises such as those of the first Emperor.

The end of the month, however, the day right before Algorith’s day. The telling sign that a new month is upon you and the current season must end. The concept is called a full Red Moon, or a representation of change, while others see it as a message of destruction so that new things can be born. It is also called Tiviere’s Day to those that worship him, but others call it Death day, Tiviere’s curse, or The purge of Sin. Those born on this day are cursed in a sense that those with high affinity for this day lose their bodies to the divine will of Tiviere where he forces them to destroy as much as they can each month. Legends tell of stories on how the god had summoned all of his children to one location and allowed them to destroy and entire village during the dark ages. It is for this reason these particular children are never trusted, some even killed on sight. The day represents the last stretch with the hardest obstacles to face before moving into a new stint of life.

Each month has a minimum day threshold of 1, and each year follows last for a total of 365 days. A month has no limitation on how many days can exist in it. The longest recording for any given month was that of Sull, which records indicate it lasted for 346 days, before Fall finally occurred. This was recorded within the fifth Era. The shortest month to exist goes to Fain, Winter, and Writger during the same Era where the seasons tried to speed up the process by jumping from one season to the next stopping at Spring. This is excluding the occassional phenomenon known as full cycle. On one hand full cycle is great for those who could protect themselves had food from the rapid speeding of seasons. On the other hand the children born in clusters on Tiveres day ransacked villages everywhere. It was an event known as the 10 day war between Algorith and Tivere’s children. Each day was a new season, and every night was a red moon. The streets were littered with the bodies of newborns and older orphans alike from the various forms of death that existed within this Era. Events like this largely equated to why history is so unclear as the loss of scholars was high.

The time in which a blessed child is not alive is called a Dark Era. Dark Era’s are eras in which a blessed child is not born, or the blessed child is killed multiple times in quick succession with no end in sight. The second Era, and the seventh Era.

  • A full Era starts at the birth of a blessed child and ends with his death.
  • A full year is counted in days and regardless of the month is a full 365 days.
  • A full month can not be determined until it is over through the color of the moon.
  • A full day can not be determined until it is over, indicated by the rising of the sun. However once can always tell how many hours have passed using a watch. Days can end during any minute within the last hour of the said day. Days always start at dawn and end at a new dawn.
  • A full hour is 60 minutes.
  • A full minute is 60 seconds.

All of this is done in this way so that your characters can be born at anytime, time still moves forward, can be tracked but you have no limitations on when you want to be born or not being able to be born when a certain thing occured.

Malice Weather


The forests bow to the might of winter.


Windy​ - the snow lowers visibility and mobility alike. The wind makes it pile up in great drifts

and also makes it feel colder. The howling wind drowns out and masks sounds.  

Still ​- Visibility is still hindered, but mobility is somewhat better. The calm nature of the

weather allows sounds to be picked up with ease. Makes for a very pretty scenery for those

who don’t have to clear it off the roads. Best enjoyed bundled up with a warm drink.  


Cold​ - There’s a bite to the air. Without proper clothing, frostbite will set in, even moreso if it’s

windy. Any still body of water, such as a lake, will have a sheet of ice thick enough to walk


Mild​ - The snow becomes heavy and somewhat wet. Easy to shape and sticky. Without

proper boots, the wet will wear through and/or snow will stick to the clothes, making long

journeys more difficult. Wagons and the like may easily get stuck. If followed by a rapid drop

in temperatures, ice will form and slipping is a real risk.


The fury of summer smites the lands.


Still​ - The sweltering heat is oppressive and there is no respite in the form of mild winds.

Unless care is taken, heat stroke is a very real risk. Physical activities and heavy labour

tends to be avoided around midday and work is pushed into the early morning and later

evening, when the temperature is bearable. Armour is a near death sentence.

Breezy​ - Milder winds draw in from the larger bodies of water and the temperature is more

humane. There are clouds in the sky, sometimes offering shade from the sun. It’s possible to

be active without any immediate risk of dehydration or heat stroke.  


Thunder​ - Winds buffet anyone who steps outside, almost turning the rain itself into a whip.

The ground has no time to soak up all the water and flooding is a possibility. Roads turn to

mud. Lightning streaks across the sky and there’s the risk of being struck if you’re out.

Orphans with attributes that would attract electricity do well to stay inside, unless they have

the ability to withstand thunder.

Rainy​ - Though the wind and the rain makes it less than favourable, some people still take

the opportunity to work during these days, especially if the previous days have been

exceptionally hot. The rain itself might be fine, seeping through and permeating everything,

or it might be large, heavy drops that thud against the ground. It’s not pleasant, but

sometimes it’s much more preferable than the intense heat.


The fickle, but gentle lover.

Unpredictable​ - It may be sunny and clear when you wake up, but give it another four hours

and it might rain. Or snow. Maybe both, at the same time. Get dressed for cold weather and

you might get the last, dying gasp of summer, making it hot enough you feel like you’re

burning. Hail, thunder, snow, rain, sun. Anything is possible in these conditions.

Mild​ - It’s still warm, the sun graces every Orphan with its presence, having lost the edge of

summer. Leaves may start to turn and these are prime conditions for harvesting and

preserving food. The winds are relatively gentle and bring with them some leftover warmth.

Cold​ - Winter’s grasping fingers crawl across the land. There may be frost lining the leaves

and grass in the morning, laying a thin sheet of ice over any still body of water. The ground is

starting to turn hard, making digging very difficult.  


The hope for a future can be lethal.

Unpredictable​ - It may be sunny and clear when you wake up, but give it another four hours

and it might rain. Or snow. Maybe both, at the same time. Get dressed for cold weather and

you might get the last, dying gasp of summer, making it hot enough you feel like you’re

burning. Hail, thunder, snow, rain, sun. Anything is possible in these conditions.

Mild​ - The first signs of summer. Vegetation starts to awaken anew. If the ground has started

to get soft enough, this may well be the time to start sowing. Orphans go out to take in the

sun. Slowly but surely food starts to become more plentiful. Beware though, melting snow

may get heavy enough to collapse a roof, or slide off a mountainside.


Cold​ - Winter displays its lasting control. Early plants may freeze to death, as might hopeful

travelers, thinking the roads would now be easy. Snow, even blizzards, may draw in. Those

lulled into a false sense of safety make for easy prey to the forces of nature.


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