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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Orphans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live"

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-6/26/2017 Opened
-8/12/2017 The Estorica Discord Server became official.
-9/01/2017 The Fallen Gods Ark Officially started
-10/01/2017 Famine's Lament Event Started
-10/25/2017 Site Revamp and Redesign complete.
-12/1/2017 Plagued Dissonance Event Started

Description: Cloudy with Scattered Thunder Storms
Temperature: Moderate
High: 59°F (15°C)
Low: 47°F (8°C)

The Premise - Story

           The Story of Malice is a deep dive of uncertain history and an even more uncertain future. The characters are born fully grown and physically do not age. Instead, they magically adapt and mutate due to the magical nature of their creation. In the citadel of Malice, the people have congregated and organized a form of government, where they had a custom society and reached a bronze age within their history. With Religious zealots and threats of civil war always on the rise, the people struggle to keep a delicate balance. Sometimes this balance falters, and the leader of their world is killed, but other times with great effort and resolve from the citizens of Malice this balance is maintained.

           War and the wrath of the gods isn't the only thing to fear in Malice, outside of the protective citadel walls, lives Nox the great dragon, and outside of him exist beast of different shapes, sizes, and threats who only wish to dethrone him by killing and eating as many people as he does. To avoid his wrath, the people of Malice provide a tribute to the dragon each season, and in exchange, the citadel is spared. The neighboring villages, however, spend each night with one eye opened as between the dragon, the other beast and monsters, and the bandits and tribes that seek power and glory. There is always some new danger to prep for, always some new risk that one takes by living in Malice.

           Which begs the question, If all magic has a source where do we come from? Why do choose to believe in gods we have never seen? The Cycle of Malice states we come from a divine being we only know as Mother, or The Mother of all, who orphaned us right before our first breath. We all share one memory of her, a shrouded figure telling us to "Live"


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Estorica Character Sheet Guide
Scroll ALL the way down, read, and make sure you understand EVERYTHING, if you need to ask questions do so before submitting a character. There is a help section and more that will provide you with everything you could ever need.
Read everything before submitting!

Be sure that you make a player account and then a character account for each character. Link each character account to your player account using the instructions below.
If you need assistance with this please let staff know. Your player account can have any username you want. Your character account usernames must be the first name (optional last name) of your character.  This must be done for each character.
As an added benefit, you only have to log into your player account to post and when you are making your post you can select a drop down mid post to determine which character you are posting as.


Sub-accounts are a niche feature used often by collaborative writers (often called Roleplayers) to facilitate multiple accounts being used by a single person/author. If your board has a need for members to manage multiple accounts for any reason, this feature will assist them.

So, the rules state that for each character you must have a new account. Making an account is simple if you would like for an admin/mod to make you a new account simply request it in help and support via the new account sticky.

How do you set up switch account between multiple accounts?

Linking an Account

Before you begin this, you must have the accounts that you want to be linked created. If you don't have them made, then go ahead and make them now. (Be sure to use a strong password that you won't forget.)All accounts retain their individual features/abilities. So they still have unique avatars, signatures, can edit their own posts and can still be logged into on their own (if someone knows the password). Warning:

Accounts that are linked to the Admin accounts need to have a strong password because if someone breaks into the linked account, they do have access to the admin accounts by using the account switch.
A message from the Staff


An Orphan is the official species of Malice but cannot truly be called a race/species. They make up every living thing in the world. People, animals, monsters and even some plants and objects.They all have the same level intelligence, and are created on an equal playing field.

Estorica Character Sheet Template
Read everything before submitting!

Name and Title (if you have one):

This is where your character name and title go. A title is a status symbol should you be a noble or a tribesman. Or a nickname given to you by a guild you might be in.

Your character picture goes here:  

Obviously what your character looks like. Or a description if you do not wish to use a picture.

Birth Season:

What season were you born under? /index.php?act=Pages&pid=27 Choose any of the eight, if you are born between seasons then you are either new moon or red moon which means you were born on the night of the new moon or night of the red moon not either.

Age, Appearance:

Your actual age for the character and what age you appear to be. Also describe what your character looks like. A picture won't provide details like scars or other markings that appear beneath clothing. Height and weight is acceptable. Just give a basic or in depth description of what your character looks like. Provide their actual time spent alive, then provide the assumption one would have just looking at them based on normal human perception.


What's your hair color?


What's your eye color?


Are you a boy or a girl or something in between? Or maybe you don't have one. Either way, let us know what the character might be.

Author Name:

Your name. Or your internet name. Something we can call you should we need to.

Personality Description:

What does your character act like? Are they sly? Cunning? Shy? Bold? Deceitful? Nice? Happy? What are they?

Background/Birth Journey Information:

This is where you write an in depth background as to your creation. You are not born. You have no parents. You have no family in a traditional sense. You either faced a dragon and lived to tell about it, or something else happened to you. Interesting or not, it goes here so we can learn more about your character. If you have any special abilities, talents, mutations, adaptations or things that would be deemed supernatural you have to tell a story here of how you got them.

Photo Credit:

This is where you credit the artist for your photo. Just provide a link that traces back to them and you're good to go.

Got it all? Ready to submit your character?
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