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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live". rating 3 3 3

   ~Forum Updates

-6/26/2017 Opened
-8/12/2017 The Estorica Discord Server became official.
-9/01/2017 The Fallen Gods Ark Officially started
-10/01/2017 Famine's Lament Event Started
-10/25/2017 Site Revamp and Redesign complete.
-12/1/2017 Plagued Dissonance Event Started
-1/1/2018 New Skin & RPG Initiative Spot light
-1/17/2018 Announcned War's Renaissance Information and Sign-ups
-2/1/2018 Started Valentine Event
-3/1/2018 Ended Valentine Event
-5/13/2018 Apotheotic Injustice Launches
-6/1/2018 RPG Initiative Spot light

Upcoming Events

-6/26/2018 Celebrating our first one year anniversary


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The Rules of Estorica

For Discord and Forum
v 5.3
Created by Estorica Staff Member Bezyle 9th June, 2018

A Document on the rules, policies, and guidelines of the Estorica Community

For Discord and Forum The Rules of Estorica

A Document on the rules, policies, and guidelines of the Estorica Community

v 5.0

Created by Estorica Staff & Members 10th February, 2018

Opening Statement

We are a laid back community. We have been known to bend our own rules a little bit from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow them. We have put them in place for a reason to ensure the safety and the enjoyment of all of our members here on the forum and discord. We are only here to provide a social experience for those with the common interest/hobby of roleplaying. We don't believe in policing the community. The community can police itself by reporting issues to staff.

Does that sound like a deal?


Please read below for the rules and guidelines of the Estorica Forum and its discord server, The Orphanage.

Here’s a survey form to tell us how we’re doing!


Opening Statement        1

1) Don't be an asshole, please and thanks.        3

2) Roleplay Requirements        6

3) Character Requirements        9

4) Leaves of Absence        11

5) Discord Channels        12

6) Please keep mature content out of the general view.        15

7) Please keep your conflicts private.        16

8) Conflict Resolution        17

9) Report Violations (Know the Support Team)        18

10) Don't waste Staff's time.        19

11) Moderation Policy        20

Conclusions        21

1) Don't be an asshole, please and thanks.

  • Respect Everyone
  • Everyone on this site is here to have a good time in one way or another, so please be respectful to everyone both on and off-site. This means no harassing, flaming, trolling or verbally abusing members on or off-site. We are a community. Anyone that is being harassed, contact an Admin or Moderator right away and the situation will be handled.
  • If you feel that there is corruption within the admins or mods; such as unfair treatment, and you have substantial proof, then bring it to an administrator and they will further the investigation and deal with it accordingly.
  • All instances that happen off site e.g. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and discord are still under this rule and rule breakers will be warned and possibly banned.
  • Respect the community and the staff.
  • Anyone that is being harassed, see section two.
  • Don't spam.
  • This includes the excessive spamming of the @everyone, @here, @discord rank, and @members name.
  • We have a bot in general chat that will automatically delete any messages that have excessive uses of the same letter in a row and multiple emojis strung together. This bot also deletes any and all links in the #general-chat.
  • Don't advertise other discord servers or other roleplay sites unless you have affiliated with us. Please ask permission from Staff before doing so. (You can advertise your forum or discord server here without talking to anyone) If you would like to be a discord partner feel free to contact "Bezyle"#0001
  • Please, don't plagiarise both in writing and art.
  • If you are going to use artwork from another individual, please credit them and give them a link back to the original artwork.
  • Don't flame or troll others.
  • This is a LGBTQ friendly roleplay, be mindful of who you are talking to and respect everyone. Do not disrespect anyone’s lifestyle. If you are found to be consistently doing so after being told what the right thing is every day, you will be put in time out. However, it is understood that mistakes can happen. So long as you apologize and correct yourself there will be no penalty unless you excessively make the same mistake. Estorica is not exclusive to LGBTQ and is intended for any lifestyle, religion or mentality.
  • This Roleplay has people from all across the world, different cultures, and different laws. Do not discriminate or make fun of people for any of those reason. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, and if you want to be treated badly then this is the wrong place for you because we are all about love and friendship here.
  • Do not discriminate or grant special privilege based on race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations and/or marital status.
  • Harassment, flaming, trolling, or verbally abusing anyone will not be tolerated. This includes on the forum, on discord, or on any non-official mediums like skype or social media.  Everyone is here to roleplay, have fun, and be a part of the Estorica community. Be respectful.
  • Racial slurs, excessive profanity, transphobia, homophobia, and other hate speech is not acceptable. Cursing within reason and respectful context is ok. If you have problems with language please confront the person using it politely before escalating to admin action. Sensitive subjects are allowed so long as everyone is willing to participate, a simple “Hey does anyone mind if I?” At the time of a conversation or as a conversation starter can and will go a long a way. If people do mind, you can take conversation to a direct message or there may be a different chat room in which you can take the conversation.
  • At any point if anyone says they do not feel comfortable with the conversation that is currently happening it should stop, and the conversation should you wish can continue in a private message.
  • Lastly, No hypocrisy, don't complain about something you do constantly yourself.
  • Don't treat all sub-forums like the Spam sub-forum.
  • There are a list of provided channels and a brief description of each to tell you what each and every one of them are for. Please try to remember what goes where. Thank you.

2) Roleplay Requirements

I. You may start roleplaying right away if you have proven a bare basic understanding of the lore. However, if a character does not have an approved character sheet other players do not need your permission to take control of the characters you have introduced in your post. This means at any point in time characters with no character sheet can be killed or worse.  

II. You may partake in up to two topics at a time per single character. Any more than this is strictly forbidden. However, special permission can be granted in certain situations. Everyone is allowed to be in two topics at once. Please let Asher know the order so he can keep the trackers in proper order. When you are creating your topics, they should be present day in Malice. However, if you'd like to do a topic in the past, you cannot partake in any present day topics until the past topic is complete.

III. Outlandish actions will receive appropriate reactions. For example, if your character kills an NPC in front of witnesses, they will be labeled a wanted criminal. This will not hinder roleplaying freedom unless the character is acting extremely overpowered and unreasonable. All it means is to expect other characters to respond accordingly.

IV. If planning a PVP scenario, make sure all participants agree on the rules, combat system, and so on. You can use any combat rules that are found in COMBAT SECTION to your topics as desired. All fights that are labeled as Standard must fight using all of these rules, and the clauses that have been labeled standard.

V. Post Characters (NPC) can be utilized as you desire. They can be harmed or killed at your discretion regardless of who created them.

VI. There can be no more than four player per topic. This is to ensure that the topic moves as smoothly as it can. Anymore than four and it has the possibility of slowing down and conflict can occur. Posting might occur out of order or people may leave or get bored.  And exception to this rule, and an example, would be something akin to The Sovereign and his council. They all have to be present in order for a meeting to discuss plans for the empire. If a similar situation is needed somewhere else, the rule can be bent for that particular topic.


This is 100% not allowed without permission from both parties. Anyone caught godmodding or Metagaming another player will be warned and possibly banned. This ruins the fun of RPing.

"God Modding" is in essence when someone's character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission. -It can be when they simply can't be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them. -It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as Legolas, then you cannot have Legolas say anything, or do anything, without the player's express permission.


We have a few rules regarding posting.

Posting Style:

Please do not use "text talk".

Please use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Do not post in first person.

Try not to mix tenses.

Try to leave a topic if you no longer have interest.


A minimum of 1750 words but you are guaranteed approval at 2222 so long as it can be read and understood. (This means grammar and punctuation are solid) So if you wanted to make a one-shot RP post, (primarily writing a single post that encompasses all of the events of a single RP topic with a start, rise, climax, & conclusion) What would the requirements for you to deem it fair to be counted in the overall story of things? Would you find it fair or unfair if people gave themselves training for future RPs that enhanced their characters abilities, mindsets, and general information? Also if you did allow it what limitations would you put on the characters, players, NPCs, etc. if any? Virtually a one topic one post with anywhere between 1750 words to 2222 words to tell a sequence of actions. A short story RP post was done by one person for the sake of moving a character from one place to another or learning to make a new move (Such as the Naruto learning Rasengan area if you are familiar with that)

Once a one-shot is complete, you can not edit it or add to it; you can write a new one-shot that continues where the previous ends off.

Adding to a one-shot without letting anyone know is wrong and breaks the being in more than one place a time rule, it also conflicts with the meta-gaming law because you can essentially go back in time and give yourself things you didn't have that you need in a future topic. Do not edit your one-shots without staff approval; your one-shots do not count until they are closed.


Finally, Have fun. Members are encouraged to reach out with their stories and achieve what they want to with their characters. Remember why you are here. To RP. To create stories and make friends. Staff has built you an encouraging environment to do just that.

3) Character Requirements


This is an original Roleplay created by the site owners, any characters we consider to be “canon characters” are. If you wish to use a canon character as opposed to making or playing with your own, simply ask, as the profile may be readily available for everyone to see and or use.


We are an Illustration based site. Being that all face claims must fit an illustrative type theme. Being from games, Original Characters, or other anime/manga. All Face Claims will be placed on a character excel document which holds the records for all characters. It can be found here. Failure to comply to the rules set for face claims may result in complications later on. Remember to credit the original artist of your face claim with a link to their page. (it is required)


Each player must have one player account and then have their character accounts linked to their player account. Your player account can have any username you want. Your character account usernames must be the first name (optional last name) of your character. This must be done for each character with an approved character sheet.

Sub-accounts are a niche feature used often by collaborative writers (often called Roleplayers) to facilitate multiple accounts being used by a single person/author. If your board has a need for members to manage multiple accounts for any reason, this feature will assist them.

So, the rules state that for each character you must have a new account. Making an account is simple if you would like for an admin/mod to make you a new account simply request it in help and support via the new account sticky.

Linking an Account

Before you begin this, you must have the accounts that you want to be linked created. If you don't have them made, then go ahead and make them now. (Be sure to use a strong password that you won't forget.)

All accounts retain their individual features/abilities. So they still have unique avatars, signatures, can edit their own posts and can still be logged into on their own (if someone knows the password).


I. All members must follow the character creation guide to make a character, if you have questions refer to  Character Creation Guide if you need further assistance ask the staff & support.

II. Once you have finished your character sheet, submit it as a new topic in the Character Application board the link on the forum will automatically take you to character submission area (scroll down).

III. Completed character sheets will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission. If there are any required changes before the character can be approved, they will be discussed and documented in a google doc by staff.

4) Leaves of Absence

In the roleplaying community, when a group of people come together and start a thread, they usually have a pretty nice time. They let each other know when they've posted, they talk about where they want the story to go. They laugh, they cry sometimes, they just have a really good time. But then sometimes life happens in unexpected ways. Someone gets sick, they get attacked (mugged), or school/work catches up to them. Life is a fickle mistress and can get in the way of an otherwise stable roleplay.

You, as the roleplayer, have several options here.

If you and your roleplay partner(s) have communicated in some way about the continued existence of the thread you can choose to wait for a certain person (or everyone) to come back. Or if you simply can't wait for them, be sure to tell them and you are allowed to write yourself out of the post.

If you and your roleplay partner(s) haven't communicated in some way, you can either choose to stay and wait it out in the hopes that they'll eventually come back. Or you can choose to write the both of you out of the topic. Staff will need to be notified in this particular instance so that we can properly handle the situation should your partner decide to come back.

    That being said, if they have been gone for awhile and they do come back and are interested in roleplaying with you still, you again have options. You can simply tell them that you don't want to because of the previous instance or you can try again and hope for something better this time around.

However, it's good to note something else here. Let's say you have been waiting on a post from your partner. They've told you that life is rough and they'll get to you by the end of the week. End of the week rolls around and you haven't gotten anything. A few days pass, they apologize and tell you by the end if this week, you'll have a post. Same thing happens again. They tell you once more that you will for sure have a post by the end of the week. Two weeks roll by and you have not heard from them or received a post. You are well within your rights to write yourself out of the topic.

5) Discord Channels

Introduction and Rules

        Rules - You are here. Check this channel regularly for updates and information.

Term Acceptance - This is what you see first. After you have read and understood the rules, you are free to type .role accept and you will be given access to the rest of the discord server


Announcements - Admin will regularly post important announcements here. Please watch for the @ everyone tag so you are up to date.

Character Database - This is a running list of all the active characters on the Forum.

Trello Updates - This is a list of Estorica related tasks that need doing. Feel free to volunteer your services if you think you can be of assistance.

Discord Ranks - Ever been curious about what the different ranks or colors on the server? You can look here to see what they are.

Guides and Formats - This channel has information on formatting and markdown for discord.

Admin Links - URLs that are helpful and useful to everyone else that the Admins think everyone might need.

Challenge - Monthly challenges for points/experience held and judged by the Admins

Wanted Ads - You want to roleplay something specific? You can post a wanted ad here and if anyone is interested, they’ll let you know.

Partner Links - This is for affiliated and partnered RP sites and resources. Please do not post here without specific permission. If you wish to affiliate your discord server with ours please message @Admin for assistance.

Voice Chats

Open Chat - This is our general voice chat. We talk about things in here.

Roleplay Talk - This is the roleplay voice chat. If open chat becomes too loud, you can jump down here and have a talk about the roleplay. Or if you just want to talk Estorica, you can use this.

The AFK/Sleep Channel - If you’ve been afk for 30 minutes, you slide on down here.

Story Time - Want to listen to someone read a story? Read one of their posts out loud? Want to listen to an audio book? Here is the place to do it.

Swedish ASMR - So some of us have a problem. We like listening to Swedish people talk to us in Swedish. This is where that magic happens.

The Office - Staff Use Only

Open Chats

General Chat - This is where most of the OOC chatter takes place. Please note that this can be seen on the forum, therefore explicit posts and pictures are not allowed. Please use #picture-time, #shitposting, or #spank-bank for mature posts.

NSFW General Chat - Basically the same as General Chat except NSFW stuff can be done in here. Excessive Flirting and things of the like that would normally make people uncomfortable go here.

Help and Support - This is for newbies when developing their characters. Ask anything and a forum member will be happy to help you! If you are not helping someone, or if you are not in need of assistance do not post here.

Bot Spam - We have several bots available for users to utilize, please do so in this channel.

All bot commands belong in bot spam. Except .define and the Nox commands which can be used outside of bot spam. This list of commands authorized outside of bot spam can be updated for other bot commands, at a user's request

Walkthrough - This is a guide for New applicants to follow to get a better understanding of what they need to succeed.

Roleplay Chats

Roleplay Discussion - This is where we talk about Estorica related roleplay. You may tag a partner when you post or request a reply. Repeatedly tagging someone and bothering them to reply more than one time per day is not acceptable. You may discuss roleplay in other channels but you may not discuss non roleplay related things here.

Looking For RP -  This is a place where you can advertise for plots or stories that you want to write. Feel free to ask everyone if they would like to start something with you.

Partner Search - You can post a wanted thread to find a partner or ask to be included in other RPs here.

Special Groups - We have special group chats for specific plots or the organizations that have formed in the roleplay itself. This is where they can talk and plot and figure out what they are going to do next.

General Chats

Selfie Station - Roleplayers are real people, not just anonymous blobs on the internet with no feelings. If they wanna share what they look like in the real, this is the place to do it.

Open Chat 1 & 2 - This is where you can find a middle ground with all of the discussion and chat based forums. Anything can be discussed or posted here as long as it is safe for work.

Picture Time - There is no talking allowed in this channel, only pictures. Feel free to discuss posted pictures in general chat. All pictures must be appropriate and cannot contain nudity or excessive gore. Small captions or information about the picture is permitted.

Spank Bank - You must be 18+ regardless of parental permission to use this channel.  This is where to post sexual and graphic images. This is also the appropriate forum to discuss sexual themes.

Shitposting - This is where spam and weirdness and random memes go. Do not shitpost in any other channel. Shit Posting - The constant posting of mildly amusing but usually unfunny memes, videos or other pictures that are completely random or unrelated to any discussions.

Feelings - Having a bad day? Having a bit of a hardship in life? Having issues with the way society is today? This is a safe place to let all your feelings out and talk to people about it.

The Hierarchy

Groups - This is where you would apply to have your own special group in the roleplay chats.

Nobility Chat - This is where Donators and Subscribers hang out and help us make decisions if they are major enough.

Diamond Member Chat - A place so exclusive it defeats the purpose, as the amount of time you spend on site to get this role means you know pretty much everyone and like talking to a good amount of them, so your usage of the small club is almost null.

Platinum Member Chat - What are you, a no lifer? I’m kidding. You’ve done so much for yourself and others in terms of roleplaying here that you get to show off a shiny badge.

Gold Member Chat - You’ve been here a decent amount of time. You’ve got some posts and experience under your belt. You’re doing pretty good if you’re here.

Silver Member Chat - You’ve been here for a little bit and you’ve made a decent amount of posts. You’re slowly climbing the ladder to greatness.

Bronze Member Chat - This is where you get placed after you’ve created your character and made a few posts. You’re still new and you’re still learning.

New Applicant - This is where New Applicants can talk and share ideas and ask for help if they need it.

Member Count - Purely for analytics

Inactive Chat - This is where we check on the inactives to see what’s up.

6) Please keep mature content out of the general view.

  • Be 18+ years old.
  • We are an 18+ server and forum. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), please do not stay. Due to legal reasons and the nature of things that go on, we would like to avoid legal trouble at all costs.
  • Do not lie about how old you are. Violators will get an immediate ban.
  • Smut is allowed on the public forum, HOWEVER, you must tag it with either an exclamation point emoji or a [M] tag.
  • No explicit images on the public forum. No nip-slips or other permutations of nudity and sex, which includes Japanese anime-style blurred genitalia. (err on the side of caution)
  • You can, however, put those kinds of images in the #spank-bank of the discord server. Additionally you can use the [hide][/hide] tags on character profile sheets for face claims that may be [M].  
  • Use the "18+" tag when creating mature Wanted Ads (Interest Checks)
  • If you are going to participate in content that is considered to be mature, get the consent from everyone in the thread. If there are more than two people in the thread make sure everyone has agreed to it and is comfortable. Even if it's just going to be between two of the people there. If everyone isn’t comfortable with it, do NOT do it. Some people don’t want to see or read this.
  • Take everyone into consideration; don’t make people purposely uncomfortable. That’s bad form and you will be punished for it.

7) Please keep your conflicts private.

  • When disagreements arise in a discussion(s), make sure to address them respectfully and in good faith.
  • Please remain as calm as you can and do not raise your voice. This is a safe place.
  • When able to address disagreements respectfully and in good faith, try to work it out in a private message. People tend to respond better when confronted in private rather than confronted publicly. You can also have a more honest chat this way.
  • Should the disagreement be taken into private messaging and it further spirals out of control, please contact an Admin for help over the situation and don’t allow things to become toxic. We want everyone to enjoy their time here, not fight!
  • Please don't harass people. If someone asks you to stop all communicating with them in public or private messages, then stop. If you have asked someone to stop, then you need to stop, too.
  • The Orphanage Owner and Staff have the final say on any and all disagreements within any and all threads on Estorica.In the event that Staff or a Team Member are in a thread with you, they are not considered owners or staff and another owner or staff will be brought in to handle discrepancies. It's fair to discuss disagreements in the #roleplay discussion chat, but keep it civil and don't argue over the point. They can ultimately ban you from the roleplay thread. You can always start your own roleplay with your own rules.
  • Don't discuss bans on the public forum. PM Bezyle if you want to discuss or appeal your ban.
  • Keep drama off the public forum, especially Discord drama.

8) Conflict Resolution

If you’re experiencing problematic interactions with another user(s), when possible attempt to resolve the issue through direct communication without site Staff.

  • Privately communicate with the other user(s) and try to work it out. People get defensive when they are confronted publicly.
  • If someone approaches you about an issue they're having with your behavior, hear them out.
  • Realize no one wins with e-fights. Winning an argument online isn't possible. Know when to disengage.
  • Staff prefers to not get involved unless there's abuse or when someone is not leaving you alone after you tried to disengage.
  • In the event that you feel nothing is getting done and all hope of a fair outcome is lost, you have the option to ‘riot’. Make sure that everyone knows so that the rest of staff can see the error in their ways and correct their behavior however if the correction of unfairness would lead to the destruction of Estorica be prepared to be ignored.

9) Report Violations (Know the Support Team)

We depend on you to help us keep the community clean.

There currently isn't a Report User button, but we do have a report button in topic; we suggest bringing any problems to Staff via the discord server in DMs or just PMing them directly on the website itself. If you ever have to talk to site Staff, you'll find that we are fair and easy-going. Remember only escalate to the staff if you can’t diffuse the situation yourself.

You can also contact us on our Discord server (link in the forum header).

Staff List: Forum & Discord

10) Don't waste Staff's time.

  • Don't troll. A troll is anyone that intentionally does something that wastes our time.
  • False reports will be dealt with according to the severity of which you have decided to troll.
  • If you are told to stop, you will stop.
  • Repeated occurrences will result in you being banned.
  • Don't instigate or get into e-fights. Remember Rule #2.
  • You're expected to be able to keep your cool on an internet message board.
  • If you cannot, you should take a break and come back when you can be calm.
  • Don't acknowledge trolls. Don't post in their threads, don't make threads about them.
  • If you feel that your ban was unjust, you are free to discuss it with any member of staff. We will put it under review and see what, if anything, can be done.
  • Please note that we do have a complaint form for you to fill out should you feel you need to.
  • Members of staff were chosen for a reason. Players, please respect their decisions appropriately. If you feel that you are being mistreated by a member of staff, contact the site owner via pm with liable evidence and the situation will be investigated.
  • Staff does not police RP thread bans if someone does not want to RP with you, respect their wishes.

11) Moderation Policy

  • We're lenient because we are hands-off. Estorica and The Orphanage started in June 25, 2017.
  • You can sum up our rules with one concept: Don't be part of the problem.
  • If you start breaking our simple rules, we take action proportional to the offense. Earnest mistakes and light offenses get warnings. Repeat offenses and more toxic behavior get temp-bans.
  • Estorica and The Orphanage rarely perma-bans people. To get perma-banned, you have to convince us that you have nothing more to offer the community.
  • Finally, we're always willing to give you another chance. We acknowledge that people change, and we respect people who recover from issues of the past.
  • If you want back in, just send Bez a PM if you've managed to bury the hatchet.
  • We won't say that we are a safe space, but we strive to keep the community fun above all things and anything that intrudes on that isn't welcome.


Staff has the right to police a user if they are not adhering to the the spirit of the community and its rules at anytime for any reason. Actions may include muting, a temporary ban, a permanent ban, and a stern talking too. A reason will be supplied but if it involves multiple infractions a generalized reason may be presented. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the roleplay and setting. We all want to see Estorica grow and set a positive example for what roleplaying could be. Do not get in the way of these two goals and you are welcome here.

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