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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live". rating 3 3 3

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The Magical Forces of Malice


In the core concepts there comes gaining powers and abilities from other entities/objects/areas or breaking yourself down to expand your reach. An orphan is made up of three core things, the Mind, Body, and Soul. The Soul dictates what the mind and body can do, and how they appear to others. The soul subconsciously learns about its surroundings and commands the body to take in, become, or reject the things around it based on what would best benefit the soul and its body and mind. So for example, The soul realizes that the body is in lava… the soul doesn’t want the body to burn up and cease to exist. The Soul tells the body to become lava. This is the basis of how an adaptation occurs. A mutation later forms when the mind tells the body what it can create, project, control. An example of this being when the mind and soul understand lava at the base of its core and can then extend the mind and soul into other forms of lava, performing the astral projection or kinesis needed to control that object or substance in this case lava. This then translates into the field of Lavamancy where you as an individual house and store techniques in your mind. The body is always the conduit of your actions without it all other functions cease unless they have something to anchor a soul or a mind.


In this reality, all life started the same, we were born under mothers grace, waking abruptly, at one point we all looked the same, all held the same features. The only things that changed as time moved forward were the instincts and basic knowledge that we were all born with. As seasons progressed ahead, we came smarter, but at the start of mothers creations, we had nothing but instinct. The firstborn knew they had to eat, they knew they had to drink, and within our reality, the firstborn had no external threat. As they harvested, collected, and found ways to survive The only threat they faced was from within. They survived on plants and water, complete herbivores. Gaining abilities that would allow them to collect water and store it for different uses, unique teeth for cracking certain kinds of nuts. The varying levels of change were special and unique to small groups that had well-established means of survival, over time they would later evolve to form the bizarre animals and beast that inhabit the wilds today, such as the birds, insects, and fish. They explored the land and did not know of war, or pain they merely existed. The second batch of mothers children came with these same instincts but due to a need for space, and limited sources of food they had to compete against the overpopulation of the firstborn. Aggression between the two groups formed and through acts of desperation the first act of cannibalism was only a matter of time. With the unique discovery that you could eat those weaker than you and become sustained on that alone more adaptations designed for finding those weaker beings became more prevalent. A method for tearing into flesh, or efficiently killing your prey before they could flee. These became the carnivores or omnivores and would evolve into the animals and beast we fear more than any others.


In some specific instances where one finds themselves in an environment that is less than favorable, an environment that could or may not be beneficial to life. An individual could undergo a Mutation, by being in this place for a certain amount of time the body could change to suit the environment better, but the individual could have only been passing through. It is a mutation because the need for it to occur is not always present it merely occurs, or it does not. The earliest example of this happened with the those who spent a majority of their time in the water. As the days went on, they found themselves unable to leave the body of the water becoming one with it, if they did leave the body of water a particular portion of that water followed them wherever they went. Some beings remained within the water so long that they became one with this body of water, without losing their consciousness. Eventually, they found themselves evaporating and becoming clouds, and more and more adaptations after this mutation, as new needs became present to maintain their existences. Other examples of this phenomena involve lava, earth, air, plants, sand, and many more.


Over time, people learned of mother’s aura, it was an ability that isn't well known, but we know of its existence as those who have obtained mothers aura were informed of it through their dreams of her. There are three kinds: Mother’s Blessing, Mother’s Curse, and Mother’s Grace. All of us at some point have had Mother’s grace, to an extent, it makes us all impervious to harm for the first three days of our lives, then it gradually declines. It is highly desired by both beast and man as once the moment of imperviousness is over its residual effects remain for the first month of life, making life extremely difficult for new orphans. Mother’s blessing, however, is only bestowed once every one thousand years, where an orphan is granted a gift of fortune a blessed child that shall forever prosper. Everything that could go right in a situation does. Lastly, there is a rumor of a child that is cursed by mother, this child is always rumored to exist one after another, and all who associate with this child shall know misfortune. It is said that the life expectancy of those who do associate with the child is very small.The soul always knows what mother's aura is supposed to do. It commands grace whenever and wherever it is present, but as time moves on the soul forgets how to do this, the body can no longer maintain the grace it once held, and like that we become mortal.



All powers fit into multiple categories with a little creativity and a lot of necessity. However, this is a loose description that is here to give you a fundamental idea of how powers can be used or found.
Physical - These are primarily adaptations but do include mutations where the primary effect only affects the user's body. Examples include rock hard skin, enhanced sight, gills, or increased stamina.
Utility - These are mutations that are gained through exposure to substances and allow the body to recreate these substances. Examples include Acid Spit, Healing Touch, or Fire Breath.
Mental - Mind over matter abilities, things that involve moving, altering, or influencing a part of the plane with their mind. Examples include elemental kinesis abilities, telekinesis, Deadshot.
Conversion - energy is taken into the user’s body by an organ and converted into a force of raw energy. Examples include Unrelenting Force, Solar beam, Sebastian Shaw.


A soul or mind can be altered in several ways, here are a few concepts that you can and should take the time to understand.

Soul Bond - When two or more souls merge and become one, they take all of their instructions know how and base build their bodies and minds with them. The ultimate applications of merging two or more souls are limitless to an extent. An example of a soul bond is when one soul who has instructed its body to be extremely cold, and another soul who has instructed its body to be made of water bond inside of one body and that body becomes an Ice Elemental as opposed to a water elemental. Souls can be stored in other objects, and thus these objects can be used to form temporary soul bonds if a soul has been trained to form soul bonds when released from their previous bodies.
Creating objects that have souls trapped inside of them is a closely guarded secret, and only the highest ranks of the church of mother can create tools like this. Lower ranks have some degree of controlling their soul but not others.
Soul Fissure - The rarest of occurrences this is what happens when a soul is somehow split in two. The two souls that used to be one are forever aware of each other, but they may or may not share anything other than their connection. Unique cases see one half maintaining the previous body the other half is somewhat free to perform a soul claim, gaining another body or a soul bond which would allow the original body to know where their bonded partner is. In older days when soul fissures were more common, it was used as a form of a wedding ceremony. Where two lovers would both take a fragment of their souls and hand it to one another. Binding the fragments afterward.

Soul Claim - In the instance where there is room for a soul to be planted, a person can stretch his or her soul and permanently or temporarily attach it to an empty vessel. This is technically a form of soul binding to an object to always know where it is.
All Soul based techniques and practices are verbally passed down secrets by the church of mother. Due to their not being many of them around anymore it has become more difficult to find people with soul-based abilities and items.


Hive Mind - When two or more minds come together regardless of body and soul count and regardless of what the body and soul are doing. (Which can convolute things) It becomes a hivemind. There are many examples as to how hive minds exist but ultimate the most powerful mind of all the minds dictates how the other minds within it operate. The weak minds feed the main mind energy, but they all make their decisions together or are strongly influenced to act in sync. Hive minds are among the most dangerous and notorious criminal beings. They most commonly appear as hydromancers as that is the easiest version of a hivemind to become.
Astral Projection/kinesis - Similar to a soul claim when a mind latches onto an object having a mind of its own or not. The owner connects with the object or substance and can instruct it to a degree. The mind has to understand the object and tap into the parts of the person, object, or substance that the mind understands and knows how to move. This has varying degrees of control based on that understanding. Complete control is usually the goal. This is how a hive mind is controlled by its lead mind.
Mind Fragment - A mind fragment is a part of the mind that exists separately from a whole. Its abilities may or may not be limited based on how developed it is, and how developed it is allowed to become. Typically those with mind fragments are confused for those with hive minds as it often appears as if there are two minds interacting with one another. Some masters of their mind fragments can fling their mind fragments into other bodies, and the mind fragment hijacks the body.

Some people can adapt and go through mutations of the mind. This would give them abilities such as telekinesis, astral projection, and telepathy. This occurs due to the soul not being removed from the item. Thus the item maintains a mind body and soul. These items can then have their souls instruct their minds to become more powerful due to their body becoming completely out of their control. Those with the ability to astral project their minds into their wielders have been known to steal their wielders lives if they can not hold off the mental item that they possess. Over time, the minds bring over souls and the wielder and weapon completely switch places. The wielders body becoming the items new body.

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