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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live". rating 3 3 3

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-6/26/2017 Opened
-8/12/2017 The Estorica Discord Server became official.
-9/01/2017 The Fallen Gods Ark Officially started
-10/01/2017 Famine's Lament Event Started
-10/25/2017 Site Revamp and Redesign complete.
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The Timeline of Malice

Primordial Era

The Mythic Era











Pre Great War

Great War


Present Day

Primordial Era

Sun already exist
Stars Exist
Malice is created

                Mother is maybe put here for breaking Algorith’s trust

                Mother is maybe put here as she last kindness in reality

                Mother is maybe put here because Malice incarnate


Mother is imprisoned

A crack is found in the prison

Mom creates Lava Mom and Water Dad

They give birth to the first cursed child, cursed child is stillborn.

Overtime first cursed child gives creation to plant life, ores, and metals

Mom Leaves Malice

The Mythic Era

Mom is forced to return to Malice after being caught stealing power

Sull, Sprum, and Fain return mother after discovering she is found in bed with writger.

Upon returning to Malice the gods discover the first orphans. At this time the gods are indifferent to orphan existence. Thus leaving them alone.
They find the crack she used to escape and seal it, preventing her from leaving.
Mom uses Water Dad to create another crack, and this time she creates other orphans.
Mom begins practicing the creation of the perfect sentient life
Mom perfects sentient life
Several orphans come into existence. This is the beginning of Orphan kind.
Mother escapes again

Mother is captured again

Mother is returned again

A discussion on all the holes she put in her prison occurs between her and the gods
Gods discover she uses orphans to make holes in prison
Gods discover she uses gods to make orphans
Gods are outraged and attempt to take back orphans

Gods are unable to take back orphans, souls impure

Sprum has solution
The Gods convince some orphans that they can be more than jus
t mother’s batteries and form contracts with orphans to cull the resistance that is mother’s army.
The War begins

The Gods turn one of the backdoors into a mechanism that converts orphans back into pure divine energy.
Orphans learn of this and reverse the flow of it, pulling divine energy into Malice, including gods themselves.
This method destroyed the back doors that the gods had been using to travel in an out of Malice
The orphans found the back doors that mom created and made it so that all of them could not be used.
The gods not wanting to be trapped on Malice all fled.
Sull is the last to flee, and is permanently crippled in the process.
The Mythic Era is complete
Mom creates the first blessed child.


The Tower of Pizzazz is built

The First Born City is founded
The First blessed child is crowned leader of the first born city

The First Sovereign is killed by a pack of wolves.
The first second era sovereign is born


The first ERA 2 Sovereign establishes that cannibalism is the norm, and is then cannibalized.
An undetermined number of blessed children after this are also cannibalized.
Orphans discover that they adapt and mutate based on what they consume, eating blessed child temporarily provides the abilities of the blessed child.
One of Mother’s heralds defects from the Tower of Pizzazz and informs orphans of how they are made.
Another Herald in an attempt to rectify the schism provides special aid and teachings to what will later become the church of mother.
Giant adaptation is discovered
Kan’ack is born

Raiders discover Kan’ack

Kan’ack discovers how to become a giant


Kan’ack learns how to be a raider

Kan’ack ransacks and raids the seven main villages

Kan’ack goes undefeated

Someone somewhere along the way discovers a way to defeat the giant

A Cursed Child eventually also becomes a Giant and fights Kan’ack

Both of their bodies lay on the mountains; Kan’ack’s being distinguished by the giant sword in his chest.

During the time of Kan’ack’s reign, several villages would see their own destruction, relocate, rebuild, going through this process until the defeat of the Giant.


The Dark Ages, Part 1

The first Valkyrie is recognized as a beacon light and proof that mother hasn’t forgotten us in the dark age.

The Sovereign was executed by his people after they grew tired of his sacrifices to the Astral Beast of Malice.

Barriers appear that protect villages from destruction of powerful beast.

Barriers come into existence around specific villages. These barriers are provided under the circumstance that there are enough newborn offerings to astral beast. The village that provides the least meets the wrath of the dragon who would later be called Nox.

Each of the villages has a guardian that speaks on the villages behalf to the Dragon, Ram, Bunny, 7 villages total

Sovereign - She and the Red Legion worked closely together during this time. Its rumored they are responsible for her death. No one is sure on the exact details so it's all mostly speculation. (Jab/Asher/Bez know more)


The Dark Ages, Part 2

The great astral beasts reveal what villages they are in charge of.

Citadel - Rat

Maviltide - Ox (Sealed by Ram)

Alclur - Dog

Drasoen - Monkey

Nua - Rooster

Reu Boar - Grouse

Twon - Horse

Sovereign - Female - In Lesbians with The Lady In Red, the founder of the Red Legion; it's rumored that they had a suicide pact of sorts, but there is no concrete evidence to support this.

Boar was the first to be killed by Nox (but I don't know why or how.)

Some of the beasts were still on the Orphan’s side; others were against them.


Either at the beginning or around the middle of the era, city walls came into major play.

Raiders were a huge problem which is what led to city walls being builts as a deterrent to keep them out.

A majority of astral beast barriers disappear; the Ram dies shortly after sealing the Ox in a bubble under the water.

The Sovereign of the time also had a bit of an influence with the creation of the Walls as they wanted a bit of added protection from the astral beasts that a war would later come to pass.

However, this Sovereign dies from a disease before completing their goal.

Said disease that actually killed them rears its ugly head much later, but seems to go dormant after the Sovereign dies for unknown reasons.

The lost Villages and the outpost

The Biggest Raid that never was (Story by Tin Man Min)


The Blessed Child is born, but for whatever reason never makes it to the throne.

They were instead kidnapped and forced to become a jewel which was fit into a crown. Because of this, this era would see two “Sovereign.”


The first Sovereign was a genuinely good guy.

Wanted everyone to be at peace; tried to make it happen

The inventors and craftsmen of Malice make the attempt to jump to the next age

Inventors and craftsmen would start to build more efficient homes, more efficient tools.

This was also the age of difference where people individually sought out different mutations.


Through the act of treachery, the ‘Proxy’ to the current Sovereign managed to “prove” that he was the real Sovereign and that the current reigning one was fake. Managed this with the aid of the ‘Guilty Crown’.

In this part of the Era the creation of special weapons began

They planned to conquered the world and had plans to kill Nox

They used the church of mother to create a weapon of mass destruction powered by the souls of of the enslaved people of Malice.

Slave industry boomed; Maviltide gained power and became Slaver Capitol; The Red Legion slips up slightly maybe and becomes corrupt

Moments before Nox was to die the Cannon vanished. The citadel was ransacked and there were hardly any survivors.

See Catus story for status of Sov 7- 2  


Pre Great War

Saw a line of prosperity and development in the iron and fire industry

Also saw many great inventions that came into existence after Era 7

Multiple Assassination attempts on the Sovereign of the 8th Era Darius Souldoor pre public great war, which is the start of a twenty year conflict.

Five years before the war is officially meant to start, Cardinals within the Church of Algorith trade information back and forth with certain officials in the Church of Mother.

Tensions rise between the two Churches when this information is found out by both of them; Algorith begins to lead a campaign of lies and deceit to show Church of Mother in a bad light.

The ostracization of the Church of Mother begins.

Great War

This was when the war officially started.

The Empire can't defeat the inventions and power of cannons, iron forged swords, and steel plated armor.

However through great effort they can steal it and provide it for their troops. If the Sovereign had not been found Alclur would have without a doubt taken the Citadel and the High lady would have been in charge

However, she was executed by her own people via accusations that she was a servant of mother (aka a former Valkyrie) whereas her people were those of Algorith.

So now that Shefren has gained militia control over Alclur until a new high lady is picked, and taken over the citadels army

The only conflict that remains is the initial thing that Shefren stood against; a ruling where the proxy wouldn't step down when a new blessed child would appear.

The Red Legion, a sect of people from Maviltide seeking out the blessed child, their opposition being Nox, the clans, the tribes, the empire, and the church of algorith all wishing to capture the Sovereign and bring the blessed into their courts for varying reasons.

After all, whoever brought the Blessed Child in would surely see their own influence be the one that takes hold for the Era.

Before the high lady of Alclur’s execution the church of algorith was bolstering their numbers as they blamed mother and the concept of the Sovereign for the war, the loss of order, and general chaos that plagued the citadel

The previous Pope had objectives of peace with all sides except the church of mother.

When the Pope resigned the church of Algorith took a more extremist turn, pushing out the church of mother from the citadel, by any means necessary.

They would cause the war to continue even longer as they successfully embarked on a campaign that caused losses on all fronts, while still simultaneously increasing their own power and influence.

While they are not official opposition in the war to any given side due to the religious stance they took and the fairness in how they handled the small skirmishes and battles that they were involved in; the crowning of the new Sovereign saw them once again shifting gears.

Malik Bakuran, the 9th Era Sovereign had been found by the Red Legion and was carried to his throne by the Primus in a bloody battle that saw a decimation of all who opposed his inevitable rule.

The previous Proxy was publicly executed after refusing to literally leave the throne where his head was severed from his body. Shefren on the other hand signed a peace treaty of sorts between Maviltide, and the Citadel.

Doing this allowed him to retire back to the village of Alclur where they had found a new form of independence from the Citadel.

They had become the dominating power when it came to warfare due to their machinations and use of precious metals.

Maviltide had been granted its independence due to the assistance in successfully delivering the emperor to the throne, where the Red Legion specifically governed the province.

The leadership within the Legion being responsible for ensuring the 9th Sovereigns safety. (It's funny because where are they protecting me right now? :V )

The church of mother, having nowhere to go fled to the north west and now resides in Drasoen, where the Citadel has no true power and all who reside there traditionally live in a sense of harmony.


The Blessed Child was discovered by members of the Red Legion and a Citadel doctor soon after the death of the hermit who had originally discovered the Child.

He was then taken to the nearest Red Legion encampment where it was later discovered that he was the one that they were looking for.

He was thrust into the position of Sovereign after the Primus carried him into his awaiting castle on his shoulders after a bloody battle.

At one point,  the Sovereign was looking for shiny rocks (aka Fallen God pieces)

The Proxy he appointed is upset by almost everything he does as he thinks that the Sovereign is an idiot.

There was an investigation launched looking into the death of the Imperial Treasurer.

Malik met with Pope Orpheus to introduce himself and perhaps get to know him better.

The Raiders of Draseon start a famine by stealing/destroying a vast majority of the crops and stored food.

Said Famine affects the food supply of all of Malice.

Malik has to issue an order to lift cannibalism ban; a riot breaks loose moment afterwards and he has to be rushed to safety

The Castle is destroyed; the Citadel falls to chaos.

For all intents and purposes, Malik Bakuran, the Sovereign of the 9th Era, is presumed dead.

A Plague soon hits Alclur after the Famine begins to subside

The Dread Wolf, who traveled to the mining village on the word of some of his Marshals,  steps up to take care of the Plague; the burning of those infected begins.

Hadrian, Royce, and Daedalus take the man responsible for the spread of the Plague to Drasoen to have the Plague cured.

The Plague is cured; Patient 0 miraculously survives (Coma or nah?)

Present Day

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