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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live". rating 3 3 3

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-6/26/2017 Opened
-8/12/2017 The Estorica Discord Server became official.
-9/01/2017 The Fallen Gods Ark Officially started
-10/01/2017 Famine's Lament Event Started
-10/25/2017 Site Revamp and Redesign complete.
-12/1/2017 Plagued Dissonance Event Started
-1/1/2018 New Skin & RPG Initiative Spot light
-1/17/2018 Announcned War's Renaissance Information and Sign-ups
-2/1/2018 Started Valentine Event
-3/1/2018 Ended Valentine Event
-5/13/2018 Apotheotic Injustice Launches
-6/1/2018 RPG Initiative Spot light

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-6/26/2018 Celebrating our first one year anniversary

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First things first, we have a Discord. You should join it so we will be able to better help you. No question is a stupid question.

Estorica is unlike your traditional roleplays. There is a lot of hidden depth to our world, but you can start off with the basic concepts and learn everything naturally as you go along. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; that's what learning is all about! The staff won't bite your head off for it. Just take the effort to try and look up information you need, and if there's something you can't find, the staff will be happy to help you. :)

In Character Thread Guidelines


So you need to know how to create an account, lucky for you the register button is right here. Register

If this is your first account on estorica ever this is going to be your player account. You do not use this account to roleplay, you only use this to log in. Estorica uses a multi-account system for characters.


After this, you have the option of introducing yourself. You can do that here. Introduce yourself.

Alright, thats is a lot of stuff, so at this point you have an account and you have introduced yourself on the forum and on the discord hopefully. Scroll down for some basic terminology, then click next. Let's look over the rules.

Terms you should know


An Orphan is the official species of Malice but cannot truly be called a race/species. They make up every living thing in the world. People, animals, monsters and even some plants and objects.They all have the same level intelligence, and are created on an equal playing field.


Orphans do not have parents. You wake up in a random location, fully grown and developed. You already have all of the knowledge needed for basic survival. You don’t know that you know, until you need to know, or realize youve always known. So everything still comes as a certain surprise.


Orphans can take any shape or form that they want, they can startout in any shape or form as long as that form has a basis from lore. This lore can come from anywhere, even outside of our own RP. You can be literally anything you want to be here in Estorica. You wanna be a dragon? You go ahead, you be that dragon! You wanna be that sweet vampire huntress from Underworld? Go right ahead! Just keep in mind that you're an Orphan and you have the attributes of these things, you aren't actually these things.


Your Orphans appearance can change overtime to anything you want. The speed at which these changes occur varies on your age, and It changes based on three fundamental practices.

What you practice - your body and mind will change to make you more effective at what you do on a regular basis. (example, webbed feet, larger wings, sharp teeth, enhanced vision, enhanced spatial awareness, etc.)

What you eat - your body and mind will change to mirror what you consume, in other words you are what you eat.  

What surrounds you - your body and mind will change to mirror your surroundings. If you are in a cold place for a long time you will be just as cold. If you are surrounded by lava, you will become lava. If you stand/sit in one place for to long your feet or ass will fuse with the area you are sitting/standing in.

If it is the first 7 days of your life you can gain any fully developed adaptation in a matter of minutes, however to start an adaptation you require physical contact, consumption, or immersion for it to trigger, and a benefit to survival for it to not be overwritten by your base form otherwise it will be temporary as you move away from the source. Anything after the first 7 days but before 30 days will take 3-7 days to become a quarter of fully developed, and anything after the first 30 days will take 7-12 sets of 30 days or 365 days to become fully developed at a minimum.Fully developed means going from being a 100% your original form to being 100% some other form, and having 0% of your original form.


All food on Malice comes from three possible categories.

Plant - Fruits, Grain, Nuts, Fungi, and Veggies

Everything else - Is made by an Orphan, or was once an Orphan.

Mother's Grace:

When an Orphan is created they are granted Mother’s Grace for the first 7 days of their life. This energy makes it so any damage to an orphan’s body is healed, even death almost instantly. This energy lasts for seven days. An Orphan can still take damage and will still feel pain and an Orphan will not heal if the damage taken is damage by someone else with Mothers Grace.

Magic & Mutations/Adaptations/Divine Energy:

This is the complicated part, but lucky for you you can skip it if you don’t plan on doing anything magical if you do plan too then you need to know this. Magic or Mutation, depending on who you ask, is the ability to project, manipulate, or change matter within the world. You can only do this through physical or mental prowess. No magic/mutation comes accidentally or naturally it must be taught, or learned, and it must be practiced before it is possible to use it to its full potential. When making a character sheet this process MUST be in your history, and if you are starting as a newborn then you shouldn't have any such ability.

An Orphan can learn many things. They might develop the ability to control ice, while no longer feeling the cold. You can find more detailed information here.

Malice - The Planet:

Malice is the name of the planet where the story of Estorica takes place. It is flat, it has a core, and its magical.


There is no coin in Malice, the currency used is the barter system. Things are traded back and forth, or tasks are done for goods. This is subject to change soon, so be on the lookout.


Think Bronze age. We have metal, even special metals only available in Malice. Armor, swords, metal candle holders and chest hinges. Simple things like this. Cannons have been invented but were very quickly outlawed worldwide. Punishment for this is death.


There are two churches in Malice. The Church of Mother, which has nearly died out; and the Church of Algorith; who is the hand which has wiped them out. There are multiple smaller shrines and groups that consider themselves a separate religion from the two main. These are all based on the gods and ‘cults’ of Malice.


There are ten gods, eleven if you count Mother and many do. Only eight of these gods are the faces of seasons. Two including Father, are phases of the moon. You can be born in a certain season, but also land on a special moon phase.

Moon Phase gods:

New moon, Father or Algorith, and Red moon, Tivere; are the only two god which do not have a particular season but can happen during any season.


The one who makes everyone. She is who creates the orphans, who gives them knowledge and who decides what they look like when born. She creates Orphans to store power she steals from other gods, the reason is unclear.


Father is the creator of time, of seasons and gods. He is the creator of even Mother. It is rumored that Father is no longer living.


Nox, is a giant purple dragon. Unlike everyone else, he isn’t an orphan. He is very old and eats orphans to obtain their grace to keep himself alive. Until Nox is killed, nothing can be as big or bigger then he is.


All standards of character information, history, and creation are based on a case by case basis each situation is tailored to the player or character in terms of approvals which comes from that character or players needs.

Ask for help


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