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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Orphans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live"

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-6/26/2017 Opened
-8/12/2017 The Estorica Discord Server became official.
-9/01/2017 The Fallen Gods Ark Officially started
-10/01/2017 Famine's Lament Event Started
-10/25/2017 Site Revamp and Redesign complete.
-12/1/2017 Plagued Dissonance Event Started

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The Premise - Story

           The Story of Malice is a deep dive of uncertain history and an even more uncertain future. The characters are born fully grown and physically do not age. Instead, they magically adapt and mutate due to the magical nature of their creation. In the citadel of Malice, the people have congregated and organized a form of government, where they had a custom society and reached a bronze age within their history. With Religious zealots and threats of civil war always on the rise, the people struggle to keep a delicate balance. Sometimes this balance falters, and the leader of their world is killed, but other times with great effort and resolve from the citizens of Malice this balance is maintained.

           War and the wrath of the gods isn't the only thing to fear in Malice, outside of the protective citadel walls, lives Nox the great dragon, and outside of him exist beast of different shapes, sizes, and threats who only wish to dethrone him by killing and eating as many people as he does. To avoid his wrath, the people of Malice provide a tribute to the dragon each season, and in exchange, the citadel is spared. The neighboring villages, however, spend each night with one eye opened as between the dragon, the other beast and monsters, and the bandits and tribes that seek power and glory. There is always some new danger to prep for, always some new risk that one takes by living in Malice.

           Which begs the question, If all magic has a source where do we come from? Why do choose to believe in gods we have never seen? The Cycle of Malice states we come from a divine being we only know as Mother, or The Mother of all, who orphaned us right before our first breath. We all share one memory of her, a shrouded figure telling us to "Live"


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Running 1. Speech

Communication is done instinctively, as language, body language are already known. However emotions are all foreign and must be learned, and experienced to be understood. It is important to know this because if a character doesn't know something it is important to express that when roleplaying.

Running 2. Instinct

These are the things your character is born knowing, for example the language we all know is known instinctively, as well as a plethora of things that could kill us outside of more in depth things like sickness, and what not to eat.

Running 3. Metagaming

Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in roleplay thoughts, actions, or behavior. Metagaming is a frequent issue in forum roleplaying games. It often occurs with new players who do not know to keep player knowledge out of IC interactions. However, seasoned players do sometimes intentionally use OOC information to give their character an advantage. When intentional, metagaming is bad roleplay.

Metagaming is a form of bad roleplay that can be quite difficult to police. This is particularly the case if the metagame is smart and stubborn. They can argue about how a character obtained information, how sensible it is for them to act one way or the other, and so forth — and sometimes, they’re quite right! Metagaming is rarely so cut-and-dry as the examples provided herein. See WIKIPEDIA’S METAGAMING ARTICLE for a wider array of cases.

Types of Metagaming


The OOC knowledge in Forum Metagaming is obtained by reading forum names, profiles, announcements, and other information.

Examples of Forum Metagaming

WRONG: Azazel is brand new to the city. In an RPG post, Azazel identifies Baphomet as a member of the local vampire clan. Azazel also verbally states the clan’s name.

WHY: There is no way Azazel can know the vampire clan’s name or that Baphomet is a member.

WRONG: The RPG admins announce an upcoming plot to flood part of the valley. The River Wolves live in this part of the valley, and have done so for hundreds of years. Territory and culture are important to the pack. The leader abruptly removes the pack from this vicinity, offering a weak IC reason of “explorative leadership.”

WHY: The leader has used their OOC knowledge of the upcoming plot to move their pack out of danger.

Avoiding Forum Metagaming

What you read on the forum is not what your character knows. Forum markers such as group membership, area names, and other information that pertains to the IC world exists for organizational purposes only. Your newcomer character will still need to learn his or her way around.


The OOC knowledge in Roleplayer Metagaming is information the roleplayer has, but the character does not have. This is very similar to skill-based godmodding, but specifically deals with information that could not exist in the RPG’s setting.

Examples of Roleplayer Metagaming

WRONG: Alice knows electricity. Her Ancient Greek character corrects another character, using an advanced electricity theory.

WHY: Alice’s character has no way of knowing electricity. It hasn’t been invented yet and is nonsensical in the time setting.

Avoiding Roleplayer Metagaming

Remember what your character knows is separate from your knowledge.

Pay close attention to your game’s setting to determine the appropriate knowledge level.


This is a more active form of metagaming. The OOC knowledge, in this case, is not merely written into roleplay passively but impacts decisions the character makes. The essential element is that the character makes a decision they would not normally make due to the roleplayer’s information.

Examples of Decision Metagaming

WRONG: Azazel and Baphomet get into a fight. Baphomet’s player, Alice, reads in Azazel’s forum profile that Azazel is a very brute-force fighter. Prior to this, Baphomet’s style was similar. For this fight, however, Alice immediately roleplays Baphomet as a highly defensive fighter.

WHY: This is metagaming because the change in Baphomet’s fighting style takes without apparent IC reason. If Baphomet and Azazel were already fighting and Baphomet’s tactic changed, or if Azazel and Baphomet fought before — Alice may not be metagaming.

Avoiding Decision Metagaming

Re-read your character profile and adhere to its information.


Post Metagaming would require mind reading. This is the most prominent type of metagaming and is severe bad roleplay; there is no reasonable explanation for this in most roleplaying games (excepting RPGs where mind-reading is allowed).

Examples of Post Metagaming


Azazel: Azazel really disliked Baphomet already. But — the wolf was alpha, and Azazel was required to show respect. The pale wolf could only smile and nod his head as the darker canine prattled about how awesome he was. There was nothing in Azazel demeanor to suggest he wanted to go home and sleep. For his duty of appearing a respectful subject, he played the part excellently.

Baphomet: “Well, jeez, what crawled up your ass? You know what, just get the hell out of my pack,” Baphomet growled. He stamped his foot petulantly at the other wolf. Baphomet could have handled being told to just shut up. He knew he tended to go on and on about how awesome the pack was, but he didn’t like Azazel’s attitude. As far as he was concerned, newcomers who were that full of themselves could die as loners.

WHY: Baphomet has no way of knowing Azazel’s feelings. Baphomet’s player is using their knowledge, gained by reading Azazel’s post, to influence Baphomet’s actions.

Avoiding Post Metagaming

Pay careful attention to instances where the character’s stated appearance differs from their inner feelings. These may be cases where the thought is vastly different from the presentation

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