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Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal "Live". rating 3 3 3
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May 20 2018, 09:13 PM
The Badlands, a place where all things once crawled from, where high and massive things lay dead, where a terrifying beast predates. All while everything makes the harshest adaptations left living and wandering this forsaken place. Those looking to hide look elsewhere, flee from such a terrifying and trying place. Those that make their home here are either capable of surviving in such hopeless conditions, or they thrive in it. Between raiding parties, the beasts and terrors of nature unhinged, and the dark things from the past that remain unknown and unspoken by anyone living, it is hardly somewhere one might call 'friendly.' Those you might meet, be they man or beast, are all quite individualistic, often having their reasons for being here rather than anywhere else. Perhaps a cursed existence, maybe they became lost and can survive nowhere else. Perhaps it is was befalls wandering adventurers that lose their way, lose their souls. And if you must walk through this desolate place, you're either mad, scorned, cursed, or perhaps far more than you appear. Be that what it may, there is a creature in these parts that call this entire region it's home and hunting grounds, you'd be wise to avoid it.
Jan 10 2018, 11:40 PM
Where to begin with the Outer Rim, fringe colonies might be giving such a hot, humid, and hostile jungle too much credit. While the people may be welcoming, the jungle is hardly so, nor are the mountainous regions hidden among all those trees and vegetation. The place is poisonous, venomous, toxic to any non-native wildlife or person. Beautiful though it may be to observe from afar, or even to see images or things recovered, it is just as deadly if not more. Though if you can handle the humidity, the strange friendly attitudes, to live on the fringe of civilization as it drowns in nature. Perhaps you would visit, even consider making a home here as a colonist as we lose quite a few here on more than a regular basis. The wildlife is hostile, but much like the jungle they live in, it all seems connected. Even if they fall, die, they are reused, reappropriated, adaptations follow suit it seems. Even if all you're good for is another dose of fertilizer. But if you can delve deeply enough, perhaps you'll glimpse the secrets this humid grove hides, make sense of the mysteries hidden and those lost.
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